If you are looking at replacing your windows, Power House is the place to go.

We have extensive training and background in installing windows.  Our window process starts by giving you the education and tools to make the right decision when choosing windows for your home. As with all home improvement projects, you have many options to choose from.  We walk you through the different options, installation process and maintenance of windows after installation.  We are a full service window company. 

The three main options to choose from are wood, vinyl and aluminum clad.  


The installation of wood windows is slowing down, because the price of wood windows versus vinyl windows is higher.  If you live in a historic neighborhood or you are trying to keep the original look of the home, then wood is your best choice.  It can be primed and painted or stained to match the existing color scheme.  The insulation value is lower than vinyl or aluminum clad, but it allows you to maintain the historic presence if you desire.  


The most popular choice for contractors and homeowners are vinyl windows.  We only purchase and install highly rated vinyl windows. These windows have excellent energy efficiency.  We also highly recommend purchasing vinyl windows that are welded in the corners versus screws or chemical adhesive.  This welding of the corners will prevent future leaking.  The reason for the popularity of vinyl windows is the affordable price point.  The drawback of vinyl windows is the lack of color selection.  We do not recommend painting vinyl windows to match your current color scheme.  

Aluminum Clad:

Aluminum clad is another popular choice because it has limited maintenance after installation of the windows.  It also has the ability to be painted, which allows you to match your current color scheme. We would recommend this option if you wanted your windows to match a certain color that vinyl windows could not match. Aluminum clad is an extremely sturdy window, but because of the type of material, it is slightly less energy efficient than vinyl.  

Power House Recommendations

Always make sure your windows are Energy Star rated (look for that special blue label).  Also remember choosing the glass for your window is just as important as the type of window itself.  The two most common types of glass in the Hampton Roads is Dual Pane versus Triple Pane windows.  Each of these options have different energy ratings and we recommend getting the most energy efficient window to save on your home energy costs.  Our final recommendation is to call Power House so we can walk you through this process and help you with your window project.


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