To wrap your trim or to not wrap your trim, that is the question?  

If you are tired of painting your exterior wood trim, then you probably have thought of wrapping your wood trim.  Our company has the in house skilled technicians to make your dreams come true.  In the Hampton Roads area, the main reasons for wrapping your exterior trim is because of woodpecker damage, rotten wood, peeling paint or new construction.  

What does wrapping your wood trim mean?  It is the process of bending aluminum trim coil with a special tool, called a break, and nailing it around your wood trim.  The aluminum trim coil comes in many different colors and textures to match your current color scheme.  As a 5 Star Contractor with Certainteed, our technicians have been trained in properly installing aluminum trim coil around your home.   To view our 5 Star Status or look at color options go to

Our company strives on educating all of our customers with every project we encounter.  Wrapping of your wood trim is an investment into your property.  It is more expensive to wrap your trim than it is to paint your trim, but once the trim wrap has been installed there is little maintenance involved.  The benefit of choosing our company is that we have a painting division so we can price both options for you.  If we know how long you will be living at your property, we can set up a budget forecast to allow you to make the proper decision. Before wrapping your trim, all wood rot repairs must be completed.  If you cover up the rotten wood with wrap, it will cause the rotten wood to spread and possibly cause the rot to go to the inside of your home.  
Once all of the repairs have been completed, you must identify what color and texture of aluminum trim coil you want to install.  Also what areas you will be wrapping and if wrapping a soffit, you must identify what color of vinyl soffit you would like to install as well.  The main areas people wrap around their home is windows, doors and garage frames.  These can be easily added to the project description when replacing doors and windows.  Another common area to wrap is the upper rake boards, freeze boards and soffits.  If done correctly, this will prevent moisture, woodpeckers and exterior elements from damaging your wood.  Please give our company a chance to look at your home and give you all the options so you can make the right choice for your home.