Have you ever walked around your home and noticed your wood was soft or there was a chunk of wood missing?

If so, you have had the unpleasant experience of having wood rot like many homeowners.  It is extremely important to catch wood rot early before it can result in more damage.

How does Power House identify wood rot?  

At the time of your FREE estimate we will walk around your home and look for key indicators.  We look for wood that is wavy, darker in color, chunks of wood missing, or excessive peeling paint.  When we identify these troubled areas we can use our finger or pen to identify if the wood is soft or not.  

Why do you replace the rotten wood?

If you do not replace the rotten wood, then the moist wood could continue to get worse and cause areas close by to become rotten as well. Also, if you do not replace the rotten wood, the materials underneath could become rotten and possibly bring damage to the interior of your home. Besides the increase in damages that not replacing wood rot can cause, it can also bring termites.  Termites love moist rotten wood and it is an attractant to them, which can lead to major repair costs.  

The most common place Power House finds wood root on homes is around the windows. If the window trim was not installed correctly or if it was not well maintained, the water can sit and create damage to the window frame.  Usually the brick molds or window sills are commonly rotten around the window frame.  Another common area of rotten wood around the house is around the rake boards and shingle molding.  In most areas Power House is able to use PVC materials to prevent future wood rot damage.  

How does Power House protect your wood from becoming rotten?  

Power House has many solutions to prevent wood rot, but the two easiest we complete on a regular basis is gutter cleaning and painting.  With our special gutter cleaning process, we can clean and remove all of the debris from the gutters. This prevents the gutters from clogging and causing them to overflow onto the wood, which over time will rot out the wood.  The next solution we complete daily is exterior painting.  We properly clean the wood, caulk all gaps and apply a high end residential exterior paint.  Allowing us to complete these steps will help prevent future wood rot.