Power House has extensive experience with installing doors

We have experience installing front entry, side entry, back doors and interior doors.  Like most home improvement projects, you have many options of style and materials to choose from.  Our experience helps guide you through the difficult process of choosing the right door for your project.  

Exterior Doors

Steel Versus Fiberglass:  Most side, back and older front entry doors were installed with a steel door.  The number one problem with a steel doors is the ability to rust from the weather elements. Steel doors tend not to be as durable as a fiberglass door.  The benefit of a steel door is it is more affordable than the fiberglass door.  The doors we recommend and install a majority of the time are fiberglass doors, which are energy efficient, can come in wood grain or smooth finish, paintable, stainable and does not rust like a steel door.  Fiberglass doors are our number one choice.  

Trim Options:

Once you have identified what type of door you want, you must choose your trim options. Power House strongly recommends going with PVC brick molds and a Jam Saver.  The PVC brick molds will never rot and your jam saver is a composite jam that will never rot as well.  PVC brick molds and composite jams are more expensive than the alternative wood jam/brick molds, but the cost is well worth the price.  

Paint versus Stain:

If you choose a fiberglass door, you have the options of painting or having a pre-finished stain applied prior to installation.  The cost of a pre-finished stain is higher, but the look is beautiful.  

Interior Doors

As with exterior doors, there are many options and styles to choose from.  The most common interior doors we come across are bi-fold, hollow core, solid and louver doors.  Each door has its own purpose and price point.  Bi-fold doors and hollow core are affordable options when replacing closet/hall doors. If you are looking for a design besides a 6 panel look, a louver door gives the house a unique look.  These are the most affordable options, but if you have the budget, we recommend replacing all doors with a solid core door. All doors can be stained or painted and Power House walks you through these options prior to purchasing the doors.

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