Are you ready to build a deck?

Then you have come to the right place.  Power House is your local deck building expert.  We can help you with the design process, material options and installation process.  We are properly licensed and insured to complete any decking project for you.  Below is a guideline for different building material options you can choose from.

Two Common Types of Decking Boards:

  1. Treated Pine
  2. Composite or PVC Decking Boards

Treated Pine

If cost is the most important factor in your deck building decision, then please choose treated pine.  It is the most upfront economical option.  Treated lumber can be found at, or your local lumber yard.  We find the best lumber to be at our local lumber yard.  We purchase only the highest rated decking boards they have to offer.  This gives our homeowners the most out of their investment.  The biggest downfall of choosing wood as your deck materials is the continual maintenance after installation.  Power House will help guide you in budgeting future expenses for a wood deck.  This budget forecast will help you make the right decision whether to go with wood or composite materials.  

Composite or PVC

Another option to treated lumber is composite or PVC decking.  There are two different products but they have similar pros and cons, so I lumped them together for this article.  They are made up of plastic, wood fibers and other misc. components.  The biggest pro for these products is the minimal maintenance.  Once your boards are installed, you should only have to wash them off with a hose.  The biggest con to these products is the cost which is significantly higher than traditional treated lumber.  These products can and will last longer than traditional wood products.  As the demand increases, the product quality and warranties are getting better.  If you have the upfront capital and you will be living at your home for more than 5 years, then this is the best choice for you.  

Railing Options

Wood, Vinyl, PVC and Aluminum: there are so many options for your deck railings. These are just a few and just like deck boards, it comes down to style, budget and maintenance. The most common railing materials we install are vinyl railings because they are low maintenance after installation and they are more affordable than aluminum railings. If you are looking for a wrought iron railing look on the exterior, we strongly recommend installing aluminum railings.  If you are looking for a natural deck, then treated lumber is your best choice for railings.  

Screws or Nails

If you have chosen to pick treated lumber for your decking material, you have one more choice before you can build your dream deck.  You can choose between screws or nails.  Nails are the most affordable option, but they tend to loosen over time.  We recommend if you have it in your budget to use screws for your treated lumber.  If choosing a composite or PVC deck, you will have to use screws or hidden fasteners.  If you use screws, they usually come with a matching colored plug to go on top of the screw to blend in so you do not notice the screws.  Some decking materials also come with hidden fasteners that allow you to attach the deck boards without seeing any screws or nails.  

With all of these options and choices, Power House makes designing, selecting, building and maintaining a deck a smooth and easy process to make your dreams come true.