Deck Building Materials 101

Have you ever thought about building a deck or hiring someone to build a deck for you? Once you have made the decision whether or not to tackle the project yourself or hire a licensed contractor, you must make the next big decision.  What materials should I use?  In this article, I am going to go over the most common … Read More

Carpenter Bees

Have you ever walked around your house and noticed this? If you have ever wondered what those holes were from, then please read this article.  As a licensed contractor, I am around thousands of houses each year and I see this frequently.  Many homeowners do not know where, what or how this happens.  The answer is simple, the left side … Read More

Converting Oil To Latex

If you read my blog post about the #1 Common Painting problem, you would have learned that people put latex paint over oil based paint and have to deal with the consequences down the road. The main problem is the painter did not identify their surface prior to painting. Once you identify that the paint you are about to use … Read More

The #1 Common Painting Mistake

Have you ever been inside someone’s home and noticed paint was peeling off their trim? I bet the answer is YES. Owning a painting and home improvement company in Yorktown, Virginia, I see a lot of homes and when it comes to painting, the number 1 common problem I see is peeling paint. There are several reasons why paint could … Read More

Yorktown Virginia Painter: What Primer Should I Use?

Owning a painting company that works in Williamsburg, Yorktown, Norfolk ,Virginia and surrounding areas, we have seen many different projects that need different primers.  If you do not pick out the right primer, this can cause it to blister, peel and lack adhesion.  If you have walked in a Sherwin Williams store, you realize there are many primers.  Below is a … Read More